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E85 Flex Fuel Kit - BMW™ B58 Gen 2

E85 Flex Fuel Kit - BMW™ B58 Gen 2

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Kit, BMW™ B58 Gen 2 flex fuel with filter, Zeitronix ECA-2 CAN and sensor.

Included in kit:

  • CAN + power splitter harness

    • This harness connects to the body domain controller in the passenger footwell behind the kick-plate.  CAN-bus, power, and ground are connected to the Zeitronix™ ethanol analyzer.

  • Fuel line assembly and filter

    • Stainless steel and nylon braided fuel lines are designed to fit specifically in the engine bay of each car chassis.  All fuel lines use -6AN fittings and a 10 micron stainless steel filter to protect the OEM fuel injectors.

  • Available with or without Zeitronix ECA-2 CAN bus, ethanol sensor 0-5V GM, and TMS ethanol sensor cable

Compatible Car Models:

  • 2018-present BMW™ 340i G20

  • 2021-present BMW™ 240i G22

  • 2022-present BMW™ 440i G42

  • 2018-present BMW™ X3M40i G01

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