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Skunk2 Ultra Stage 1 Camshafts Toyota Supra MK5 | BMW B58

Skunk2 Ultra Stage 1 Camshafts Toyota Supra MK5 | BMW B58

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Skunk2 Ultra Camshafts were designed to unleash the power potential of Toyota and BMW newest generation engines. To ensure durability and precision, Skunk2 Ultra camshafts are machined from forged 8660 steel alloy blanks, induction hardened, and CNC precision ground. Ultra lobe profiles are designed in-house utilizing advanced simulation / CAD modeling techniques, and performance is validated on the dynamometer.

Skunk2 Ultra Stage 1 Camshafts are designed as a true drop-in performance camshaft that is compatible with stock valve springs, retains stock idling characteristics and makes 25-40+ bhp gains throughout the powerband up to 8000rpm.


  • 8660 Alloy Steel Forging
  • Optimized Lobe Profile Designs
  • Best in Class Performance
  • True Drop In Camshaft (DIC)
  • Retains Stock Idling Characteristics
  • Toyota Supra MK5 2020-Present
  • BMW B58 Engines
Note: Image shown is for display purposes only. Actual part may vary depending on your vehicle requirements .


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