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PFS B58 Port Injection Kit

PFS B58 Port Injection Kit

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Kit contents:

  • 1 PFS PI Plate
  • 1 PFS Fuel rail
  • 1 PFS Fuel fitting adapter with 1/8 NPT port for LPFP sensor
  • 1 Genuine Parker 801 Fuel line
  • 2 -6 ORB to -6 AN 90 adaptors
  • 6 OEM gaskets
  • 7 M6 bolts
  • 2 M6 Counter Sunk bolts
  • 6 injectors of choice (Optional)
  • 1 Motiv reflex controller (Optional) (this is the Reflex controller only, you can get a specific harness directly from Motiv)

Fitment Guide –

Most B58 models including Gen 1, and TU. This includes Toyota Supra, and F series, and BMW Z4. These DO NOT FIT 2021+ G series platform due to interference with the alternator


An aftermarket Charge pipe is REQUIRED


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