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CSF Radiator High-Performance Heat Exchanger BMW F-Series B58 | B48 | B46 2014-2018

CSF Radiator High-Performance Heat Exchanger BMW F-Series B58 | B48 | B46 2014-2018

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The BMW B58 Motor has already proven to be an impressive performance platform capable of making impressive power. Like most production engines, the B58 doesn?t come equipped from the factory with sufficient cooling capabilities to cope with added power or even prolonged performance driving. We have designed a full line of B58 cooling options to help you get the most out of your BMW.

CSF Upgraded the Inlet/Outlet design and improved the core specifications for better air-Flow, water-flow, and improved cooling system performance. These updated features result in further lowering Intake Air Temperatures (IATS) of the air-to-water in-manifold charge cooler air cooler system for maximum performance.

Product Features:

  • Ultra-Efficient 42mm 2-Row Core, with CSF's B-Tube Technology, and 6.5mm Multi-Louvered Fin Height
  • Results in Optimized Airflow Through the Heat Exchanger Core and Into Other Cooling System Components for Maximum Performance of the Entire Cooling System (Especially Critical if Installed in an X-Drive Model with Transmission Oil Cooler Placed in Front of Heat Exchanger)
  • Triple-Pass Flow Design
  • Upgraded Inlet/Outlet Design with New Tapered Entry and Exit Points from End Tanks, Resulting in Optimized Water Flow and Increased Performance (Matches OEM Spec)
  • Included Detachable Rock Guard
  • OEM CNC Machined Mounting Location Pins and Brackets
  • Direct Plug-and-Play Design, Including CNC Machined "Quick Connect" Inlet/Outlet Water Fittings
  • Includes Hardware Mounting Kit for Applications That Have a Factory Transmission Oil Cooler Mounted in Front of the Heat Exchanger (X-Drive Models)
  • No Modifications Needed to Install

Product Fitment:

  • BMW 120i F20 B48 2015-2018
  • BMW 125i F20 B48 2015-2018
  • BMW M140i(X) F22 B58 2015-2018
  • BMW 218i F22 B38 2016-2018
  • BMW 220i F22 B48 2015-2018
  • BMW 230i F22 B48/B46 2015-2018
  • BMW 218i F23 B38 2016-2018
  • BMW 220i F23 B48 2015-2018
  • BMW 230i(X) F23 B48/B46 2015-2018
  • BMW M240i(X) F23 B58 2015-2018
  • BMW 320i(X) F30 B48 2014-2018
  • BMW 330e F30 B48 2014-2018
  • BMW 330i(X) F30 B48 2014-2018
  • BMW 340i(X) F30 B48 2014-2018
  • BMW 320i(X) F31 B48 2014-2018
  • BMW 330i(X) F31 B48 2014-2018
  • BMW 340i(X) F31 B58 2014-2018
  • BMW 320i(X) F34 GT B48 2015-2018
  • BMW 330i(X) F34 GT B48/B46 2015-2018
  • BMW 340i(X) F34 GT B58 2015-2018
  • BMW 420i(X) F32 B48 2015-2018
  • BMW 430i(X) F32 B48/B46 2015-2018
  • BMW 440i(X) F32 B58 2015-2018
  • BMW 420i(X) F33 B48 2015-2018
  • BMW 430i(X) F33 B48/B46 2015-2018
  • BMW 440i(X) F33 B58 2015-2018
  • BMW 420i(X) F36 Gran Coupe B48 2015-2018
  • BMW 430i(X) F36 Gran Coupe B48/B46 2015-2018
  • BMW 440i(X) F36 Gran Coupe B58 2015-2018
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