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Parachute Handle Mount For 1 ¾” Rollbar Tubing

Parachute Handle Mount For 1 ¾” Rollbar Tubing

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The Titan Motorsports Parachute Handle and Cable Mount Kit for 1 ¾” Roll Bar is a universal design to give users a clean way to mount a handle on the main hoop of their rollbars/roll cages for a parachute release, without having to drill into their interior or have the parachute handle in the way of anything in the immediate area of the cabin. This is designed to work on most Rollbar/Roll Cages that are made up of 1 ¾” tubing. These have been tested on all of our 1 ¾” Titan Motorsports Rollbars, including the A90 Supra, MK4 Supra, GTR, and the FRS/BRZ/86.


Kit Contents:


  • Release Handle Mount
  • Tubing Clamps
  • Release Cable
  • Throw Handle
  • P-Clamps
  • Hardware


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